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Imagine sipping on a cold beer with your colleagues after a long day’s work. Picture yourself having barbecued ribs with your family on a Wednesday night. Here at Tom’s Tavern (and Restaurant) in Kempton, IL, we make moments like that happen for you.

We take pride in being the only bar and restaurant in the area that diners from within a 15-mile radius of Kempton come by and enjoy our wide array of entrées and refreshments. Our restaurant features bar seating, bar tables, and a full dining room.

We also accept reservations in our dining facility, so consider us the next time you throw a party or any celebration! Our establishment has plenty of seats so that we can accommodate all of our awesome customers.

Feast of All-American Fares and World-Class Spirits


Try these light and tasty snacks that can put your appetite in full gear. From our Jalapeno Potato Cheese Bites to our Hand Breaded Hot Wings, your first bite will be something to remember. Check out our full menu!

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Every bite you take is a guaranteed bliss. Devour a mouthwatering Double Bacon Cheeseburger or wolf down a Roast Beef & Cheddar. Check out our full menu!

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Main Courses

Nothing beats a good, hearty meal that can drive all your worries away. Try our Shrimp Scampi or Rib Eye Steak and we promise you’ll keep coming back for more. Check out our full menu!

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Indulge in a variety of ice-cold beer, both domestic and specialty. Feed your inner connoisseur with our selection of fine wine, too. We also offer sodas for non-alcoholic beverage drinkers. Check out our full menu!

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A Quaint Bar Where All the Folks Hang Out

Everyone is welcome in our restaurant bar, as we cater to different people and lifestyles. We offer both casual and upscale dining depending on your preference. Whether you’re a farmer who wants to unwind after a day spent in the field or a sales executive who has a client meeting, we can provide an ideal atmosphere that suits your needs.

Our dinner hall is located just off the bar and offers the same menu. From our elegant dining tablecloth to our wrapped silverware, we have the perfect venue for any formal or corporate event. Our bar offers canned and bottled beer, wine, and a wide assortment of liquor. It’s an amazing spot to get your happy hour fix whether you’re alone or with a group of friends.

Our Brand Promise

Here at Tom’s Tavern (and Restaurant), our mission is to give you the ultimate dining experience through excellent food and exceptional service.

Give in to your hunger. Give us a call now at 815-253-6407.