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Big Tummies, Bigger Savings

Here at Tom’s Tavern (and Restaurant), we want to give our customers the best deals possible. We have daily special promos that are budget-friendly and provide you with a lot of variety. From Taco Tuesday to Dollar and 2 Dollar Beer Day, you’ll surely get absolute bang for your buck!

Tom’s Tavern (and Restaurant)

Restaurant Hours
Monday-Saturday, Lunch & Dinner served All Day, 11am-9pm
Sunday Lunch & Dinner 11am-9:00pm

Bar Hours
Monday-Thursday, 10am-11:30pm
Friday & Saturday, 10am-2am
Sunday, 12:00-11:30pm

Sunday and Monday Special:

Cook’s Choice for Special, Full Menu!


Tuesday Special:

Tuesday Taco Night (5 to 9pm)

Beef Taco Special ~ (4 hard or soft shell) ~$6.95

Chicken Taco Special ~ (4 hard or soft shell) ~$7.95

Beef Taco~(each) (served with sour cream) ~$1.99

Chicken Taco~(each) (served with sour cream) ~$2.50

Cheese Quesadilla ~ (3) (cheddar cheese, diced onions, tomato served with sour cream & salsa) ~$6.99

Chicken Quesadilla ~ (3) (chicken, cheddar cheese, diced onions, tomato served with sour cream and salsa) ~$8.99

Nacho Supreme ~ (tortilla chips smothered in cheddar cheese, taco meat, onions, tomatoes and black olives served with sour cream & salsa) (add jalapeno for $0.75) ~$9.95

Taco Salad ~ (meat, lettuce, onions, tomato, taco sauce, black olives, cheese, sour cream & salsa over tortilla chips) ~$9.95


Wednesday Special:

BBQ Ribs & Chicken Combo’s (5 to 9pm)

(Dinners include garlic texas toast, choice of potato, vegetable, soup and full salad bar)

Half Slab of BBQ Ribs ~ $13.95

Full Slab of BBQ Ribs ~ $18.95

Half Ribs & Chicken~2pc~$17.99~4pc~$21.99 (4pc white $1.50)

Full Ribs & Chicken~2pc~$22.99~4pc~$26.99 (4pc white $1.50)


Thursday Special:

All You Can Eat Fried Chicken! (5 to 9pm)

(choice of potato, vegetable or spaghetti & garlic Texas toast, soup and full salad bar) Mixed or Dark~ $10.95 - All White~ $11.95


** Sides **

Baked Potato               ~ $2.69

Twice Baked Potato    ~ $3.99

Mashed W/Gravy        ~ $3.49

Cottage Cheese            ~ $3.99

Potato Salad                 ~ $3.99

Mac. Salad                    ~ $3.69

Sautéed Mushrooms    ~ $2.99

Onions & Mushrooms ~ $3.99

Extra Sauce Cups         ~ $ .75

Extra Garlic Bread (2) ~ $1.00

Fountain Drinks Free Refills ~$2.00

Can Pop Each                 ~$1.00

Friday Special:

All you can eat Buffet! (5 to 9pm)

(includes Soup & Salad Bar) ~ $14.95


Saturday Special:

Prime Rib (4pm to 9pm)

Signature Prime Rib Hand Cut & cooked to order with choice of potato, vegetable, soup and full salad bar.

10 oz.~$20.95 or 16 oz.~$30.95

Kitchen Open All Day! 

Keep in touch for holiday events!

*Real Gyros Off-the-Broiler and 
Homemade Thin Crust Pizza 7 Days a Week!


Kids menu

Spaghetti (meatless w/ marinara sauce w/ garlic bread $4.50

Spaghetti (homemade meat sauce w/garlic bread) $5.75

Hamburger (French fries or chips) ~ $5.50

Cheeseburger (Fries or chips) ~ $6.00

Chicken Strips (2) (French fries or Chips) ~$5.00

Grilled Cheese (w/ French fries) (1) $6.00 or (2) $7.50



12” Thin Crust~ $13.50…Toppings $.50(each)


16” Thin Crust~ $16.50...Toppings $.75 (each)



Black Olives, Green Olives, Mushrooms, Onions, Green Peppers, Sausage, Pepperoni or Sliced Banana Peppers

Real Bacon or Canadian Bacon ~ $2.00 - Taco Meat ~ $1.00

Philly Cheese Steak Pizza~ (roast beef, onions, green peppers)

12” ~ $16.50…………...16” ~ $19.50

Meat Lovers (Sausage, Pepperoni, Real Bacon, Canadian Bacon)

12” ~ $17.50……………16” ~ $21.95

Veggie (Green Olive, Black Olive, Green Pepper, Onion, Mushroom)

12” ~ $14.00……………16” ~ $17.00



LARGE ONLY! $19.95 (served w/ marinara & Au-jus)


Fried Chicken by the Bucket

(Meals come with Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Corn or Green Beans)

8 pc Mixed Only~ $14.99 OR ** 8pc. Meal~ $19.95 **

(8p. Meal-1. Lg. Mashed, 1Lg. Corn or Green Bean & Small Gravy)

12 pc Mixed Only~ $19.99 OR **12p. Meal~ $29.99 **

(12p. Meal -2. Lg. Mashed, 2. Lg. Corn or Green Bean & 1.Lg. Chicken Gravy)

 16 pc Mixed Only~ $26.99 OR **16p. Meal~ $37.95 **

(16p. Meal -2. Lg. Mashed, 2. Lg. Corns or Green Beans & 2. Lg. Chicken Gravy’s)


Large Orders of Fried Chicken To- Go

Call ahead w/ 5 day notice $1.39 each. 50pc. Or more! 

“Every Sunday’s” Take-out
Family Dinner Special
8-pc. Fried Chicken, Large Mashed Potatoes, Corn, Gravy Full Order of Spaghetti in Meat Sauce, and Garlic Toast: $19.99

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